Chronic Conditions and A complete alternative care plan

Lets be very logical here…how many doctors have you had in your life? I don’t mean just primary care physicians, but specialists in a particular body system or condition. OBGYNs, Dermatologists, Endocrinologists, Dentists, surgeons, heart specialists, pain doctors…the list goes on forever.

What do they all have in common? They’re specialists. They know their stuff in their field. That’s all they do.

Now, say you want to try the Alternative Medicine road. Should you only try one field of study? NO. Do I know anything about bone realignment? No. I’m a specialist in MY field: soft tissue manipulation. Can I see when a pelvis is out of alignment? Yes, because I’m trained on what to look for. Then I do what your General Practitioner would do: I refer you to a specialist, or in the case of Alternative Medicine, a Chiropractor. I can assess the body, notice things that aren’t the norm, and fix what I can with any soft tissue issues I find. But your body is a unit. It needs a team.

Think of your body as a house. Are you going to fix a water damaged walls (soft tissue) without checking the framing (bone structure) for damage underneath? What about the wiring (Acupuncture & Nutrition) in that water logged wall? If you address only the surface damage but leave a deeper issue you may end up with a much bigger problem later.

If you come to a massage therapist with a chronic issue it may be deeper than just the knot you feel in your back. There may very well be deeper damage that needs addressed and may need a series of treatments. It took awhile for this pain or issue to settle in and may take some work to get it out.

With a well rounded treatment plan that includes some self care you CAN get long lasting relief. I have genetic hypermobility, basically meaning my ligaments are too loose so I dislocate joints easily, and my muscles over-tense to compensate. It’s a lifelong chronic pain condition. Massage and chiropractic care were the only things that gave me relief. I have a maintenance plan I follow and have minimal sporadic pain since I’ve found alternative medicine. I was so impressed that I became a massage therapist.

Address your chronic pain. Start with someone who can give you a good assessment. Then build your alternative medicine team, and get some relief.

-Jennifer Parker, Body Harmony Massage


2 responses to “Chronic Conditions and A complete alternative care plan

  1. Looking forward to visiting your blog. Have fun with it.

  2. This is the best blog about massage I have ever read!!!! 🙂

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