MT Test Drive – what to look for in your perfect Massage Therapist

Every massage therapist is different, and every person has a different preference on what type or style of massage is perfect for them. Sometimes one will find the most glorious massage therapist ever at your very first massage…which is awesome! Other times one needs to do a little “test driving” to see what the best fit is. Here’s a few pointers to know what you’re looking for:

1. Know Your Goals – Do you want to relax or do you want someone to work out that pesky knot that’s been bothering you for days/weeks/years? This makes a huge difference in the type of therapist you’re looking for.

2. Know Your Boundaries – Does the gender of the therapist matter to you? Will being naked (though draped) bother you or would you like the option to stay completely or partially clothed? There’s nothing wrong with being uncomfortable with something, but ask all your questions in advance so you don’t end up surprised at the session. Above all you should feel comfortable with your massage therapist and always feel your boundaries and wishes are respected.

3. Know Your Preferences – Have knots that need worked but you don’t want someone digging away at them? That’s ok too. There are several different techniques that can work deeper tissues without painful pressure. Hate being cold? Ask if they offer heated blankets or towels. Accommodations can be made and a good massage therapist is happy to oblige.

Also, don’t be afraid to try a few different therapists before you decide on your favorite. We have five massage therapists in our office and encourage new clients to try us all if they’re unsure about what they prefer in a massage treatment.

Jennifer Parker, Body Harmony Massage


4 responses to “MT Test Drive – what to look for in your perfect Massage Therapist

  1. Well looks like I need to start booking appointments. I have received massages from 3 of the therapists, I guess I need two more. I have never had a bad massage there yet. Y’all are great.

  2. Jennifer, thanks for your posts! I have just booked a 90 min session with you for 9/11 and can’t wait! I am happy to say I’m a seasoned veteran at getting Therapeutic Massages for 25 years and I still get 3-4 (90 min) sessions a month and would really like to start coming to your place more! It’s a way of life! Wayne

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