Negative Nellies

Negative Nellies, nay-sayers, haters…just plain rude people. You know them. With comments like “Must be nice”, “There’s no way that’ll work” & “Oh. My. God. Becky. Look at her butt.” 😉 how can you miss these constantly negative people?

What are they? Jealous. What are they jealous of? Everything. They’re just toxic, because negativity breeds negativity. You hang around with someone like that long enough and they’ll have you convinced your husband’s cheating, your kids are mental and everyone at work is secretly plotting your demise. They somehow make you feel guilty for being happy and/or successful. Like somehow just by smiling you’re ruining their day so they have to take your happiness down a peg with some back-handed compliment.

I know these people well. I’ve taken them on as little projects in the past, trying to shine a little sun under their gloomy thundercloud. And it never fails…pretty soon I’m being rained on too. I decided a long time ago I just can’t continue to let myself be slowly poisoned by association. Not only is it bad for my mental well being, but (since negativity breeds negativity) my entire family would suffer as well. Since that little beauty of a realization I’ve been happier, more positive and no longer let myself be drug down in petty drama.

Do you have one of these people in your social circle? Is it time to decide whether they’re more of a liability to your mental well being than an asset? I’m not one to judge anyone, but I have realized that sometimes when you want to help someone who doesn’t want or think they need help…you may just end up becoming part of the problem. When that’s the case, sometimes one needs to cut their losses and move on. And that’s ok.

Jennifer Parker, Body Harmony Massage
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One response to “Negative Nellies

  1. I am positive, this will be an awesome weekend. There, I was positive about something.

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