Couples Massage – Our October Tx of the Month


Couples Massage Sessions are great for many reasons. It’s a great date night for some quiet time together, if you’re nervous about receiving a massage a trusted companion will be right there with you, and it’s perfect for some much deserved pampering time.

We like to approach couples massage a bid differently at our office though. We customize each individual’s massage to their needs even though they’re sharing the same massage room. One person wants a hot stone but the other wants deep tissue work? Done! One wants to relax while the other wants to try Chinese Cupping? No problem. Even though you’re experiencing it together, it’s still your massage and we want you to receive the best treatment possible…for you.

Many spas are geared toward the female experience, and if you’re getting some girl friend or mother/daughter time (which are both very popular) that’s fine. We have a divider in our couples room to undress behind so everyone stays modest. You each get the massage, treatment and pampering add-ons you’d like for your session.

However, the guys are sometimes a bit put off by fu-fu stuff. I see many an intimidated husband drug into our office by his giddy wife…fearing a dreaded eyebrow wax or something else unmanly will happen to him. Relax guys. We’ll talk to you individually and find out what goals you have for your massage. Just because honey is getting a Cellulite Massage or Body Wrap treatment doesn’t mean you have to join in if that’s not your cup of tea. No judging here…and we don’t even do eyebrow waxing 😉

Interested in trying a couples massage? Our October Treatment of the Month is Couples Massage! For the whole month of October you can schedule a 1hr Couples massage, or purchase a gift certificate on our website, for $85 per couple.

Jennifer Parker, Body Harmony Massage
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