My Theory on Low Back Pain in Men

Take that big fat withered wallet OUT of your back pocket. I will personally petition for a resurgence in the coolness and popularity of fanny-packs for you guys if you would just pretty please at least take the wallet out when your sitting down!

Ok, I’m good now. Back to business. Though this little beauty of a tip may just cost me some clients who won’t need massage so much. Oh well…healing’s the goal!

What you fellas aren’t seeing from the perspective of a body worker is that you are wreaking havoc on your spine. By sitting on your wallet you are raising one side of your pelvis, sometimes by an inch or more. This tip in your pelvis eventually leads to a curve in your spine and a ton or low back pain. Check out this picture:


See! Bad ju-ju! You don’t even get a cool story to tell when you get asked about what happened to your back (sad face). Ok, I’ll take back the fanny-pack comment. You can keep your worn out old friend in your pocket while you’re up and about. But take it from me if you stop sitting on that guy all day your back will thank you. Just sayin’ 😉

Jennifer Parker, Body Harmony Massage
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7 responses to “My Theory on Low Back Pain in Men

  1. Growing up in NY, I never put my wallet in my back pocket… Much easier for pickpockets. – Jon C.

  2. Very true, I just wish that was my problem.

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