Hot Stone Massage – Nov Tx of the Month

05The chill has hit the air so we thought this would be an excellent time to throw a Hot Stone Massage deal out there!

I’m usually a fan of deep tissue and really getting tension dug out when I receive massage, but this time of the year the cold really gets to my joints due to my hypermobility and I can never seem to get warm enough. Because of this, I tend to get a lot of Hot Stone Massages in the fall and winter. That’s not to say it isn’t awesome any time of year, I just feel I need it more now.

Hot Stone Massage has a couple different benefits, depending on application. It can be deeply relaxing, with the heat from the stones warming you and slow gliding strokes. It can also be beneficial for sore muscles as the heat penetrates deep to relax away tight areas. The stones can even be used as a tool by the therapist to really get into a knot if firmer pressure is your thing.

Whatever your preference, a Hot Stone Massage is worth trying at least once. This month we’re offering 90min Hot Stone Massage Sessions for only $70, so now is the perfect time to give it a shot! Give us a call at 208-887-9566 or book online on our website.

Jennifer Parker, Body Harmony Massage
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