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An Introduction to Deep Tissue

Great info on Deep Tissue Massage ­čÖé

Christopher Hess LMT

As I have alluded to in a previous article, prior to my career in massage, I was the office manager at a wellness center that specialized in orthopedic & deep tissue massage. As an avid runner and cyclist, I was acutely aware of the perils of overtraining, poor recovery, and injury, yet had not received any kind of massage geared toward my training. Very soon after taking the position, I experienced my first Deep Tissue massage. While it was not the first massage I had ever received, it was the first I would have with a directed purpose. I knew within seconds that I was in for something I was not accustomed to.

The history of massage is an interesting one. I have touched on that in the past. It has evolved over the centuries from a simple form of hand and finger pressure, to complicated techniques withÔÇŽ

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