“Resolutions” Are For Sissies – Commitments Are For Real

Happy 2014! The new year is here and everyone wants to start out on fire, right? So why not get serious about it folks?

I’ve recently been thrusted into a little journey of self discovery. I spent the last month of last year thinking about myself for a change and what I’m going to do about some things I’ve discovered about myself and ones closest to me.

While on this little journey, with some wine in my empty kitchen on New Years Eve, I had myself a little epiphany. I decided resolutions are for sissies! Resolutions are usually thought up around 11:50 and fizzle out shortly thereafter. Like that glass of Champagne at midnight after an evening of hard liquor; a good idea at the time that leaves you with a headache of regret after, realizing you didn’t really think that one through.

Commitments, however, are hard and usually require forethought and continued effort. So I thought, instead of a “resolution” that will loose it’s thunder somewhere around Valentine’s Day at best, how about a “New Year Commitment”. A solid commitment to and for yourself.

Run with me people I’m on a roll here…I’m telling you this is gonna be a hot trend!

Be specific. Generic and general statements like “get in shape” won’t motivate you or keep you accountable. This is a COMMITMENT! You know, like “I swear to love, honor, cherish, blah blah blah for the rest of my days until I die” type thing.

Basically, search your soul a little here. What’s REALLY important to you? A fitness goal? Quitting a bad habit? Having a better relationship with the honey, kids or friends? Accomplishing a goal (even a small one like kitchen tile 😉 )? Taking better care of you? Once you figure that out, think of at least one specific thing that can get you there. That’s the commitment we’re making this year – the specific thing. Not the grand end goal that’s to daunting to tackle, but accomplishing the baby steps to get there so we stay motivated by milestones!

Again, be specific. I commit to:
Go to the gym every Tuesday and Thursday
Do a sugar cleanse twice this year
Do something for only myself at least “x” times per week
Only drink coffee on Mondays (because Mondays suck 🙂 )
Get a massage every three weeks
Go on a date with my partner, kids, friends, etc. once a month
Tile my kitchen by June
Run “x” miles per week by August

Now we’re going to treat this like a marriage license, or better yet a mortgage! I commit to pay “x” every month until “x”. No getting out of this one baby! Write it down and keep it where you’ll see it everyday. Heck make it look pretty and put it in a frame if you have to! Now put up your right hand and say it with me now: “I (state your name) am making a commitment in 2014 to (blank)”.

The idea here is to keep it on the forefront of your mind. You don’t need to do a daily affirmation (not that it would hurt) but if you can see it everyday you’re more likely to keep it up. If you read it everyday it remains important.

Stew on it for a few days before you decide on something concrete. Then come visit me here again in a few days for the next post on how we’re going to make this sucker happen!


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