New Years Commitment – The Followthrough

Continuing on from our first post of the year, “”Resolutions” Are For Sissies – Commitments Are For Real”, today we’re diving in. Hey, I’m on this ride with you remember? Have you already forgotten this idea only hit me a few days ago?? I gots me a few commitments too!

So, you’ve made a commitment and you’ve written it down. Now, what are you going to do about it? You’re going to make a plan, that’s what you’re gonna do!

A plan is a series of organized events carried out in order to reach a particular goal. Yes? Good, made sense to me too πŸ™‚ I’m a to-do-list’er so that’s how I’m going to run this gig. Lists keep me on task, and I feel good about getting to cross things off as I accomplish them.

So here’s what my plan is:
1. List each month on a piece of paper

2. Write whatever I need to do next to each month.
In the case of tile, let’s say January – decide on tile, February – save $100, March – save $100…etc. etc. July – rip out tile & install, August – enjoy awesomeness!
Or, for going to the gym or limiting coffee maybe make check boxes for each date you intend to go in a month and check them off. Whatever is going to keep you on task and motivated.

3. Now get hopping! It’s already January so ya better get started πŸ™‚

4. Don’t get hung up on the end goal, like loosing 20 pounds. Focus on the commitment to doing something! The loosing of pounds is just a perk and will happen automatically as you honor your commitment to DOING it!

Really, if you’ve done your soul searching earlier you know this is something you really want…for you. The only one who can weasel out of a commitment to yourself is you. So if you really want it then do it, because if you quit there’s no one else to blame. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Good luck friends and feel free to comment if you need advice or a little moral support. Share your commitments, it’ll make you feel more accountable. Tell us and your friends about it. We’re all connected and here for each other. Blessings!


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