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Massage 101 for Newbies

Nice quick run through for any newbies left out there 😉

Orchid Bloom Spa

We LOVE massage and immerse ourselves in it each day.  Many of our customers have been with us for years and have a deep appreciation for all that massage therapy can do for them.  But what if you are new to massage?  Maybe you’re a bit nervous or unsure of what to expect.

Don’t worry!  Massage is all about relaxation and relieving any stress that you have cooped up in your body.  When your mind is working like a steam engine, hauling around stressful cargo that you can’t seem to unload, you’re not functioning at your optimum level.  You may have trouble focusing or even sleeping.  Here are some tips for your first trip to the spa:

  1. Arrive as relaxed as you can be.  Make sure you arrive ahead of your appointment time so that you do not feel rushed. Listen to peaceful music on your way to the spa so that your…

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