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Black Friday Sale on Massages? Whaaaaaat??!!!!

Oh yeah it’s coming up on Black Friday time. Highlight of a discount junkie’s whole year. When mobs of crazed shoppers stalk the Wal-Marts of the country like zombies at zero-dark-thirty in bunny slippers and curlers (I used to live in Kansas. I’ve seen it…super creepy).


Scary huh! But you didn’t think we’d miss out on all the fun did you? HECK NO! And we’ll not only save you from the chaos in the streets by offering our deal exclusively online, but we’re also going to one-up those retail yuppies buy running our deal Friday through Monday. Boo-ya! Take that greedy franchisers.

We’re running a Buy One Get One 1/2 Off all gift certificates on our website from Black Friday all the way through Cyber Monday. Just head on over to the Body Harmony Massage website Nov. 29th-Dec 2nd and order online from the comfort of your home in your underwear, if that’s your thing. No judging here. Give them as gifts or use them yourself. Why not? They’re on sale!

On a separate note, pretty please consider buying local and supporting our local economy. The more dollars that change hands between local residents and local businesses, the more our beautiful Treasure Valley can flourish. Hit the mom and pop shops for gifts, get a mani-pedi or massage gift certificate from your favorite place or whatever. Just do your part to help out businesses in Boise, Meridian and all the other surrounding towns with so much to offer. We will be extremely appreciative of your support and able to continue to serve the entire Treasure Valley. We thank you!

Jennifer Parker, Body Harmony Massage
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Hot Stone Massage – Nov Tx of the Month

05The chill has hit the air so we thought this would be an excellent time to throw a Hot Stone Massage deal out there!

I’m usually a fan of deep tissue and really getting tension dug out when I receive massage, but this time of the year the cold really gets to my joints due to my hypermobility and I can never seem to get warm enough. Because of this, I tend to get a lot of Hot Stone Massages in the fall and winter. That’s not to say it isn’t awesome any time of year, I just feel I need it more now.

Hot Stone Massage has a couple different benefits, depending on application. It can be deeply relaxing, with the heat from the stones warming you and slow gliding strokes. It can also be beneficial for sore muscles as the heat penetrates deep to relax away tight areas. The stones can even be used as a tool by the therapist to really get into a knot if firmer pressure is your thing.

Whatever your preference, a Hot Stone Massage is worth trying at least once. This month we’re offering 90min Hot Stone Massage Sessions for only $70, so now is the perfect time to give it a shot! Give us a call at 208-887-9566 or book online on our website.

Jennifer Parker, Body Harmony Massage
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Enter Our Thanksgiving Contest!

thanksgiving2We’ve got alot to be thankful for. Even when times are hard and money’s tight, there’s always something to be grateful to have. Health, home, love, country…so many things we have in this life that get taken for granted every day.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving we’ve decided to have ourselves a little contest for our loyal followers. Send us a short email at in the next 2 weeks, telling us what you have to be thankful for this holiday season. We’ll post them the week before Thanksgiving and let our followers vote on the story that touches their heart most. Then we’ll pick a winner the 1st of December.

The winner will receive a canvas tote bag filled with a few items made by our own Jennifer Parker (including some handmade soaps and scrubs), a 1 hour massage gift certificate, a Discount Club Card giving you discounts for the whole year, and a few other goodies thrown in for good measure.

Please realize your essays will be posted online here on this blog and on our facebook and twitter pages with your first name only. We hope that these stories will spread some good vibes, bring a couple happy tears and help people realize just what they have to be grateful for. Thank you for your participation and good luck! 🙂

Jennifer Parker, Body Harmony Massage
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Couples Massage – Our October Tx of the Month


Couples Massage Sessions are great for many reasons. It’s a great date night for some quiet time together, if you’re nervous about receiving a massage a trusted companion will be right there with you, and it’s perfect for some much deserved pampering time.

We like to approach couples massage a bid differently at our office though. We customize each individual’s massage to their needs even though they’re sharing the same massage room. One person wants a hot stone but the other wants deep tissue work? Done! One wants to relax while the other wants to try Chinese Cupping? No problem. Even though you’re experiencing it together, it’s still your massage and we want you to receive the best treatment possible…for you.

Many spas are geared toward the female experience, and if you’re getting some girl friend or mother/daughter time (which are both very popular) that’s fine. We have a divider in our couples room to undress behind so everyone stays modest. You each get the massage, treatment and pampering add-ons you’d like for your session.

However, the guys are sometimes a bit put off by fu-fu stuff. I see many an intimidated husband drug into our office by his giddy wife…fearing a dreaded eyebrow wax or something else unmanly will happen to him. Relax guys. We’ll talk to you individually and find out what goals you have for your massage. Just because honey is getting a Cellulite Massage or Body Wrap treatment doesn’t mean you have to join in if that’s not your cup of tea. No judging here…and we don’t even do eyebrow waxing 😉

Interested in trying a couples massage? Our October Treatment of the Month is Couples Massage! For the whole month of October you can schedule a 1hr Couples massage, or purchase a gift certificate on our website, for $85 per couple.

Jennifer Parker, Body Harmony Massage
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Cupping – Our Sept. Treatment of the Month

20130822-201106.jpgRecently I’ve realized that we have several awesome services in our office that many of our clients have never tried. It seems they’ve found something they love already and don’t really want to venture into new massage services. I really feel it’s important to try new things every once in a while, so we’re starting our new “Treatment of the Month”. Each month we’ll run a special on a specific service we offer so you can try it at an affordable price.

And we’re starting with Cupping! I’m currently the only therapist who offers this at the office, but I have a feeling the other girls will get trained in it soon. I received Cupping one time and fell in LOVE! I immediately set off to learn this awesome treatment.

Let’s run through a quick description. Think Deep Tissue Massage results, but in reverse with significantly less pain. Awesome right?!

Basically, a cup is applied to the skin and then a vacuum is created to pull the skin up into the cup. This is not painful when done properly. The suction stretches the underlying connective tissue and fascia, and holds that suction for a time which allows the tissue to stretch and release. This is similar to when you are stretching a muscle and must hold that stretch for a few moments to get the full benefit.

After a few minutes the cup is gently removed. This leaves you with two things:

1. Lovely suction marks making you look like you lost a fight with a giant squid. These marks are not bruises, are not painful and fade (some in a few hours, some in a few days depending on how tight the muscles & tissue was in the area). Ah the marks of a healed body 🙂

2. The connective tissue & fascia, which is many times the most sensitive, is all loosey-goosey now. This desensitizes the area which allows me to work with much more cooperative and less tender tissue, resulting in greater relief during the session.

I’ve treated everything from knotted muscles to fibromyalgia to plantar fasciitis with this treatment with fabulous results. The area is less sensitive so I can make real progress in the treatment and give my clients greater relief from their pain.

Interested? Click here to be taken to the special for this month – A full 90min session, which includes a full one hour massage session with additional 30 minutes of Cupping work, for only $75 OR a 30min Cupping Only session for $25. You can schedule your session now or purchase a gift certificate for later to take advantage of this deal.

See you soon!
Jennifer Parker, Body Harmony Massage
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My New Blog!

Hello and welcome to my new blog! In the time I’ve owned Body Harmony Massage, I’ve had the privilege of meeting many wonderful people. I’ve also had alot of questions thrown my way from clients, and I’m always thinking “I should write that down”…which is the inspiration for this little creation.

E-Newsletters are annoying and I never end up reading them. The information might be useful but I can never find the darn email once I have time to read it! Starting this blog will allow me, and other MT’s here if they so desire, to post helpful information that’s here and available when you want it. We’ll have a wide variety of topics from massage and wellness to recipes and local events. Whatever tickles our fancy!

Please feel free to join us and share this information with friends. I hope you find some of it useful, some of it funny and some of it worth sharing 🙂