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Acupuncture Treatment – My Experience


I often get asked by my clients about other forms of alternative care that I’ve tried and believe in. Of those, acupuncture is probably the one I get asked about the most. Does it hurt? Does it work? What can it do? How big are the needles? Considering this I figured it would be beneficial to my dear blog followers to do a rundown of my experience with acupuncture.

First off, I’ve seen two acupuncturists in my life who are both here in the Treasure Valley. I personally love them both, but I now see Heather Bergstrom at Vitality Acupuncture. She’s frickin’ fabulous! I pretty much see her for anything I can’t treat myself. She’s treated me for low energy, acne, sinus congestion, muscle pain, nightmares, being cold all the time and lord knows what else. Basically she starts with “So what’s new?” and I ramble off some seemingly random stuff like “Oh ya know I’ve been cold alot, my face seem to be breaking out lately and I don’t have as much energy as I’d like.”. Then she takes my pulse in several places, looks at my tongue (acupuncturists seem to be a little obsessed with them) and brings it all together under one or two issues (for that list it was blood deficiency and low iron apparently) and we go from there.

As far as the actual needles part? No, they don’t hurt. They’re itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny needles. I would describe the sensation as the prick of the needle for a split second, then something between an electric tingle and a muscle spasm when she finds the point, then nothing. I couldn’t even tell you where the last needle was once she heads to the next one. Then she puts a nice toasty heat lamp on me and leaves the room while I enjoy myself a nice nap. After around 20-30 minutes she comes back in, removes the needles and I’m feeling all clear headed and chipper. Easy-peasy!

Oh by the way…Get the needle in the middle of your forehead. I don’t know what that guy does, but I’m putty and get a really deep and restful nap when she puts a needle in that spot. I call it the mind eraser point…it’s my favorite 🙂

Anywho, if you want to give it a try or want more information I refer all my clients to her. Check out her website at http://www.vitalityacupunctureclinic.com and browse around, then give her a call and try it out. No need to be scared, I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

Jennifer Parker, Body Harmony Massage
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