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Cupping – Our Sept. Treatment of the Month

20130822-201106.jpgRecently I’ve realized that we have several awesome services in our office that many of our clients have never tried. It seems they’ve found something they love already and don’t really want to venture into new massage services. I really feel it’s important to try new things every once in a while, so we’re starting our new “Treatment of the Month”. Each month we’ll run a special on a specific service we offer so you can try it at an affordable price.

And we’re starting with Cupping! I’m currently the only therapist who offers this at the office, but I have a feeling the other girls will get trained in it soon. I received Cupping one time and fell in LOVE! I immediately set off to learn this awesome treatment.

Let’s run through a quick description. Think Deep Tissue Massage results, but in reverse with significantly less pain. Awesome right?!

Basically, a cup is applied to the skin and then a vacuum is created to pull the skin up into the cup. This is not painful when done properly. The suction stretches the underlying connective tissue and fascia, and holds that suction for a time which allows the tissue to stretch and release. This is similar to when you are stretching a muscle and must hold that stretch for a few moments to get the full benefit.

After a few minutes the cup is gently removed. This leaves you with two things:

1. Lovely suction marks making you look like you lost a fight with a giant squid. These marks are not bruises, are not painful and fade (some in a few hours, some in a few days depending on how tight the muscles & tissue was in the area). Ah the marks of a healed body 🙂

2. The connective tissue & fascia, which is many times the most sensitive, is all loosey-goosey now. This desensitizes the area which allows me to work with much more cooperative and less tender tissue, resulting in greater relief during the session.

I’ve treated everything from knotted muscles to fibromyalgia to plantar fasciitis with this treatment with fabulous results. The area is less sensitive so I can make real progress in the treatment and give my clients greater relief from their pain.

Interested? Click here to be taken to the special for this month – A full 90min session, which includes a full one hour massage session with additional 30 minutes of Cupping work, for only $75 OR a 30min Cupping Only session for $25. You can schedule your session now or purchase a gift certificate for later to take advantage of this deal.

See you soon!
Jennifer Parker, Body Harmony Massage
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