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Hot Stone Massage – Nov Tx of the Month

05The chill has hit the air so we thought this would be an excellent time to throw a Hot Stone Massage deal out there!

I’m usually a fan of deep tissue and really getting tension dug out when I receive massage, but this time of the year the cold really gets to my joints due to my hypermobility and I can never seem to get warm enough. Because of this, I tend to get a lot of Hot Stone Massages in the fall and winter. That’s not to say it isn’t awesome any time of year, I just feel I need it more now.

Hot Stone Massage has a couple different benefits, depending on application. It can be deeply relaxing, with the heat from the stones warming you and slow gliding strokes. It can also be beneficial for sore muscles as the heat penetrates deep to relax away tight areas. The stones can even be used as a tool by the therapist to really get into a knot if firmer pressure is your thing.

Whatever your preference, a Hot Stone Massage is worth trying at least once. This month we’re offering 90min Hot Stone Massage Sessions for only $70, so now is the perfect time to give it a shot! Give us a call at 208-887-9566 or book online on our website.

Jennifer Parker, Body Harmony Massage
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7 Ways to Make Mondays Suck Less


We’ve all woken up on a Monday morning and went “Uuuuuggghhh I hate Mondays!”. Fortunately, they don’t have to be so awful. Here’s 7 tips I’ve found to make them suck a little less. Enjoy!

1. Do something you enjoy on Mondays. Go to Yoga, stop at your favorite coffee shop, have a lunch date with your friends, walk in the park or whatever makes you happy. If you know every Monday you’re going to do something that will make you smile, maybe you’ll start actually looking FORWARD to Mondays! It could happen!

2. Make Mondays “desert day”. Yes, many of us are on a diet of one kind or another. Regardless, even the experts say you should allow yourself an occasional “reward”. Soo…I say we should now dub them “CAKE MONDAYS!” (or pie or wine or whatever your vice is that you’re currently denying yourself). Mmmmm….cake.

3. Have mini date nights every Wednesday. Go have a drink after work with your honey or friends every Wednesday. Part of what makes Mondays suck is that there’s 5 whole days before fun-time Friday gets here. Break up the week a little so it doesn’t seem so long.

4. Schedule Massage Mondays. Yup, I said it. I LOVE getting massages on Mondays. Why? Because it just makes the whole week go by smoother when you start off the week all relaxed and happy!

5. Start your week on a different day (if you can). Mondays are packed full of negative energy because everybody’s grouchy that it’s even Monday. If you can start your week on a different day you can avoid being pulled down by everyone else’s “Monday blues”.

6. Do shower meditation. I’ve recently discovered this one and it really changes my outlook on any day. When you take your morning shower close your eyes and just feel the water pouring over you. Let all the crummy feelings run off with the water and down the drain. I know it sounds a little hooky, but try it. When I do this I step out of the shower refreshed, energetic and ready to take on the world. It’s pretty awesome.

7. Change your perspective. Why do Mondays suck so bad? Is it really because everything bad happens on a Monday? Or could it be that they suck because we get out of bed with a sucky attitude that bleeds into our whole day? Put a smile on people! They’re contagious you know, and you just might start doing it automatically 😉

Jennifer Parker, Body Harmony Massage
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Enter Our Thanksgiving Contest!

thanksgiving2We’ve got alot to be thankful for. Even when times are hard and money’s tight, there’s always something to be grateful to have. Health, home, love, country…so many things we have in this life that get taken for granted every day.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving we’ve decided to have ourselves a little contest for our loyal followers. Send us a short email at bodyharmony@massagetherapy.com in the next 2 weeks, telling us what you have to be thankful for this holiday season. We’ll post them the week before Thanksgiving and let our followers vote on the story that touches their heart most. Then we’ll pick a winner the 1st of December.

The winner will receive a canvas tote bag filled with a few items made by our own Jennifer Parker (including some handmade soaps and scrubs), a 1 hour massage gift certificate, a Discount Club Card giving you discounts for the whole year, and a few other goodies thrown in for good measure.

Please realize your essays will be posted online here on this blog and on our facebook and twitter pages with your first name only. We hope that these stories will spread some good vibes, bring a couple happy tears and help people realize just what they have to be grateful for. Thank you for your participation and good luck! 🙂

Jennifer Parker, Body Harmony Massage
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My Theory on Low Back Pain in Men

Take that big fat withered wallet OUT of your back pocket. I will personally petition for a resurgence in the coolness and popularity of fanny-packs for you guys if you would just pretty please at least take the wallet out when your sitting down!

Ok, I’m good now. Back to business. Though this little beauty of a tip may just cost me some clients who won’t need massage so much. Oh well…healing’s the goal!

What you fellas aren’t seeing from the perspective of a body worker is that you are wreaking havoc on your spine. By sitting on your wallet you are raising one side of your pelvis, sometimes by an inch or more. This tip in your pelvis eventually leads to a curve in your spine and a ton or low back pain. Check out this picture:


See! Bad ju-ju! You don’t even get a cool story to tell when you get asked about what happened to your back (sad face). Ok, I’ll take back the fanny-pack comment. You can keep your worn out old friend in your pocket while you’re up and about. But take it from me if you stop sitting on that guy all day your back will thank you. Just sayin’ 😉

Jennifer Parker, Body Harmony Massage
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My Theories on Fibromyalgia

painLet me first say I’m not a doctor. Anything stated here is solely based on my observations as a massage therapist and are in no way medically solid. I simply feel the need to write this as I find many similarities in my fibro clients that, to my knowledge, have not been brought up in medical studies. My observations are just something I thought we might all consider about this particular disease.

Now, I’d like to throw out a giant defense to all my chronic pain clients, especially fibromyalgia clients. “Just because you can’t see or understand these people’s condition does NOT mean it’s all in their head!” I’ve seen way to many clients come in truly upset because no one wants to accept their pain is real. I must admit my “mama bear” instincts kick in when I hear this as I find it extremely upsetting when someone dismisses what another person is feeling and will defend you dear people to my bitter end.

So I’ve noticed many, not all, of my clients have several of these traits in common:
1) They are givers who tend to put themselves at the end of their caretaking list…which makes them high-stress people. Not in an anxious kind of way, but more in a “weight of the world” kind of way. And the more stress the more pain.

2) Many are carrying a few more pounds than their frame should carry. Every body structure is different and I’m in no way judging here. I do believe that there’s a HUGE difference between “skinny” and “healthy”, and a healthy weight for your body type is always more beneficial than being skinny for society’s sake. However, these clients seem to be more sensitive to extra pounds.

3) They have very poor sleep patterns. Part of this is the nature of the condition as pain keeps them awake, and part of this is from stress as well. Their minds don’t stop just because it’s bed time.

4) This one threw me for a loop at first – When the touch is expected, like in a massage session, they’re typically ok. When it’s unexpected…that’s when it can be quite painful. A bump from a passing person, a hug that’s tighter than expected, a shirt that’s too tight; the things they don’t know and accept are coming seem to be more of a problem.

Because of these particular traits, I’ve wondered if stress and adrenaline have a part to play in this condition. We all know long term stress is bad for the body. The reason is that stress produces adrenaline, which is meant to be a short term chemical for self preservation. It is not meant to be in the body long term. It makes you hyper sensitive to outside stimuli…including touch. It makes you unable to relax and sleep. AND it slows down digestion (an unnecessary place to waste energy when your life is supposedly in danger) which over a longer period of time could lead to weight gain and digestive problems. My fibro clients have these problems! Could they at least partially be a symptom of adrenal overload?

I spoke to my acupuncturist about this little theory of mine. Her response was “Huh, that could actually make sense.” So what do I recommend? Relax more. Saying “no” to people is ok if you know you’re going to pay for it later. Learn breathing or meditation techniques to calm your body and mind. Take up Yoga. Get more relaxing massages. Try acupuncture. It’s ok to care for you. I’ve seen clients decide to make a commitment to care for themselves first have fewer flare-ups and are much happier overall. Try it….see if it helps. It’s just a theory on my part, but I’ve shared this theory with a few clients and it seems to help.

Jennifer Parker, Body Harmony Massage
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Couples Massage – Our October Tx of the Month


Couples Massage Sessions are great for many reasons. It’s a great date night for some quiet time together, if you’re nervous about receiving a massage a trusted companion will be right there with you, and it’s perfect for some much deserved pampering time.

We like to approach couples massage a bid differently at our office though. We customize each individual’s massage to their needs even though they’re sharing the same massage room. One person wants a hot stone but the other wants deep tissue work? Done! One wants to relax while the other wants to try Chinese Cupping? No problem. Even though you’re experiencing it together, it’s still your massage and we want you to receive the best treatment possible…for you.

Many spas are geared toward the female experience, and if you’re getting some girl friend or mother/daughter time (which are both very popular) that’s fine. We have a divider in our couples room to undress behind so everyone stays modest. You each get the massage, treatment and pampering add-ons you’d like for your session.

However, the guys are sometimes a bit put off by fu-fu stuff. I see many an intimidated husband drug into our office by his giddy wife…fearing a dreaded eyebrow wax or something else unmanly will happen to him. Relax guys. We’ll talk to you individually and find out what goals you have for your massage. Just because honey is getting a Cellulite Massage or Body Wrap treatment doesn’t mean you have to join in if that’s not your cup of tea. No judging here…and we don’t even do eyebrow waxing 😉

Interested in trying a couples massage? Our October Treatment of the Month is Couples Massage! For the whole month of October you can schedule a 1hr Couples massage, or purchase a gift certificate on our website, for $85 per couple.

Jennifer Parker, Body Harmony Massage
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5 Things to do After a Massage Session

bathSo you’ve gotten a massage and are all loosey-goosey…now what do you do? Here’s a list of the most common advice we give after a massage session:

1. “Drink plenty of water” – This little tidbit of advice is surprisingly a controversial one. Some say increased water after a massage is not necessary and does nothing for you after a massage. I believe it does for a couple of reasons. (1) Massage can release muscle waste, like lactic acid, into your body and increase blood circulation. Just like after a workout, increasing your water intake now helps flush those byproducts out of your system and helps the body process them more efficiently. (2) Who doesn’t need to increase their water intake every once in awhile??

2. “Get more massage” – We don’t just say this so you’ll come back (PROMISE!). If you come in for pain, typically one massage (as awesome as we are) won’t completely fix a issue unless it’s very minor. Muscles take awhile to get tight enough to cause pain, so logically it takes a little bit of work to get them to loosen up again and this may take another session or two. If you come in to relax or for stress, typically a follow-up appointment will increase those happy chemicals in the body, allowing you to function better mentally and physically.

3. “Stretch!” – Ultimately, our goal with pain is to get you pain free so you can come in for a nice relaxing session every once in a while. Stretching at home will continue the progress we’ve made in the office, helping you feel better for longer. Your massage therapist would be happy to recommend a few for you if you’d like.

4. “Go home for a hot bath and a nap.” – This one is mine. I tell many of my clients this, simply because I see many clients who could use a little more rest and “me-time”. So many people are so busy doing for others that they forget to take even a few minutes for themselves. I personally do this every time I get a massage (which is every 3 weeks by the way). Doing this lets me relax, and I usually get a wonderful night’s sleep.

5. “Take it Easy” – What good does it do to relax your body and mind if you’re just going to get tight and stressed immediately after your massage? Diddly, that’s what! No running to the gym asking noodle-muscles to work. No heading straight to something you find extremely stressful right after. No softball tournaments the evening of your massage. Seriously…take it easy and enjoy the mellow for the day. You deserve to take it easy for a few.

Those are our most common tid-bits of advice, though they vary by session and client. If you have anymore questions after your session please don’t hesitate to ask. Even if you don’t think of it until you get home, we’re still only a phone call away and are happy to answer any of your questions.

Jennifer Parker, Body Harmony Massage
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